On the surface, yoga can seem pretty intimidating. There are many reasons for this ranging from extremely fit women in seemingly impossible positions to feeling like it would be awkward walking into a yoga studio being the only male.

I’m here to tell you to kick those frightening images to the curb because the amazing thing about yoga is that each person can make it perfect for themselves and fit their individual needs.

To get you started, your New Hobby Box includes:

– thick yoga mat

– microfiber sweat towel

– Nag Champa incense

– 2 incense burners

Each of these items were chosen to get you ready for your journey into the wonderful world of yoga. It’s up to you to put in the time and let it make you a more mindful, relaxed and balanced being. If I were you, before continuing on with this blog, find a lighter. Light the Nag Champa (If you’ve never burnt incense, make sure you have good airflow).


Next, roll out your mat and sit in the center of it with you legs crossed.

Now, play this:

Yoga poses aside, Yoga lingo is just plain overwhelming. So let’s learn some of terms we’ve all heard but haven’t quite ever known what they truly mean and how they relate to Yoga.

( Note cards are not necessary 😉 )


Yogi/Yogin: A male/female practitioner of yoga.

Namaste: A common greeting in India and neighboring cultures; a salutation said with the hands in a “prayer” position. It literally means “the light within me bows to the light within you”.

Karma: The law of cause and effect based upon the complex, esoteric web of conditions, individuals and relationships in the universe.

Guru: A spiritual mentor. “One who brings us from darkness to light.”

Om: The original syllable; chanted “A-U-M” at the beginning and/or end of many yoga classes.

Mantra: A repeated sound, syllable, word or phrase; often used in chanting and meditation.

Asana: An individual yoga posture.

Chakra: energy center; the basic system has seven chakras (root, sacrum, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown), each of which is associated with a color, element, syllable, significance, etc.




As you delve deeper and deeper into the world of yoga, you’ll find that Chakras are very interesting and if you feel a connection to them, I encourage you to do a simple google search and learn as much as you can.


You must always remember to be mindful and cautious when it comes to what stretches, poses and transitions you choose while practicing. If you ever feel pain or a burning sensation in your knees, hips, spine or neck make sure to ease up and revisit later after you adjust.

There are many types of yoga out there and depending on what you want to accomplish you will need to chose the style that best fits you.

I am in no way qualified to teach yoga and out of respect to all of the amazing instructors out there, I will not attempt to. Instead, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite poses that anyone can do. It’s called Child’s Pose. It helps to relieve fatigue and reduce stress by stretching your hips, ankles and thighs. Here is my friend Randi demonstrating:

FullSizeRender (1)

Notice how her legs are tucked up underneath her torso with her head straight ahead between her shoulder blades as her arms are stretched out. This position is great for meditating and for reflecting. In yoga studios it is also used as a ‘resting’ pose in between more difficult poses (or as you learned above, asanas ;-)) I recommend staying in this pose for at LEAST a minute… It’s just that amazing. As mentioned earlier it is important to identify what style fits you best. If you don’t want to do that, here is an amazing video library mix of beginner yoga sessions that I have found to be very useful: Yoga Journal 👈

TIP*** Many yoga studios offer free or ‘donation’ classes once a week. Residing in Louisville, KY I know of at least 10 studios that offer at least one free class per week. (Point being, it’s worth checking into)


Finally… I’d like to leave you with this ‘MUST WATCH’:


Until next time, Kylie R.





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